Who We Are

We are The Misfits, a group of men and women 25 years and older. We have a multinational gaming community where people from all ages and backgrounds can come and play with other like-minded gamers and enjoy a drama free zone.

DRAMA-FREE. Seriously, we don't do drama. We play games, plan and produce gaming events. We have rules regarding what can and cannot be discussed in our Discord. Our moderators enforce those rules quickly.

We also play fair. No cheating, no admin cheating, infact our admins are hand picked from within our group, we don't outsource, we play fairly, we don't use admin tools unless absolutely necessary and we ban cheaters from every server we have. We use verified lists of cheaters from other legitimate community ban lists. We don't cheat and we expect others that are enjoying our servers to do the same. Below you can read our four core promises to our community.


We promise to be fair and open with Misfit Members and Community members. We have nothing to hide, even our Paypal Donation Statements are available to all for review on our Discord.


We will treat everyone with respect, and we expect the same from all who are in our Discord or play on our servers. Arguments and abusive language by anyone will not be tolerated. Disagreements should go to Direct Messages between parties, not aired out in the open.


Often, the best ideas we have received have been from the Community at large. We promisee to have an open ear, always. In fact, you can contact XCITE anytime about ideas or anything relating to any hosted or non-hosted game. His door is always open.


It is our goal to provide a fun place for people to play games with one another no matter their age, sex, ethnicity, or socio-econimic status. We play games to get away from the pressures of real life. Please leave real life stuff out of comms, so we can have fun.


The following are our community rules. We expect them to be followed to the letter. Games we host may have a specific rule set for each, those can be found in each game's channel in our Discord.


NO DRAMA, EVER! Drama and any queens that bring it will be squashed and tossed.

Respect members, mods, MISFITS, and admin... always.


Never question an Admin or Mod's decisions.

ALWAYS check the server rules when playing on ANY of servers owned by THE MISFITS. Claiming to not know the rules is no excuse. Read them, comprehend them, live by them.


MISFIT MEMBERS PLAY FAIR AT ALL TIMES...PERIOD. And we expect community members, friends, and anyone that joins our servers plays fair too. If you cheat, we will ban you from each of our servers. We have subscribed to several public cheater databases and we will place your steam GUID on said databases for various games. Any decision made by us about cheating is based on evidence found in logs, video, and we will consider any anecdotal evidence submitted. We DO NOT instant ban because a cheating accusation is made. We will determine the outcome of a cheating accusation at our discretion.


While talking in game on our server or through our Discord please do not make racist or anti-sematic comments. No political discussions. No homophobic talk. Many religions may or MAY NOT be represented here, please do not bring up religious discussions unless and ONLY if it is directly related to something IN-GAME. Leave all of that off Discord and within game unless noted. If you are arguing with another community member or Misfit Member....take it into a private channel, no public arguments. This is a place to play games, and PLAY GAMES. Leave all of this real life stuff out of Discord and any games we host.... not even jokingly... thank you.


Walking a thin line to just skirt the rules here is not going to help you. If it's borderline, it's OVER THE LINE as far as we will be concerned.

Finally, this should all be common sense stuff. Be an adult, if you are not an adult, or you can't really act like one, be somewhere else.


We reserve the right to add, edit, or delete these rules at any time for any reason and as we see fit. You should familiarize yourself with all of the rules of the community and wherever you will be participating often. Again, not knowing our rules, is not an excuse.

Our Hosted Servers

We play lots of games within the community, but we host specific games on private servers for our members and community in general to enjoy. Here is our current lineup...


The Apocolypse Has Happened!

The Misfits was founded on playing DayZ. Come join us anytime. Events on Saturdays @ 9:00 PM CST.


Playing with Dino poop!

We use the following mods: TC Auto Rewards * Structures Plus * Classic Flyers * Advanced Ark * Ultra Stacks * Super Spyglass * Offline Raid Protection


Ark PvE

Fling poo with no repercussions!

We use the following mods: Ultra stacks * Classic Flyers * Structures Plus * Automated Ark * TC’s auto rewards vault * Engram unlocker * Cross Aberration


Ahoy Ye Mateys! Swab Tha Deck!

Why are pirates pirates? cuz they arrrrrr

Community Donations

A few things you should know about donating to The Misfits:

  • Donations are not required for participation on any server operated by The Misfits or to participate in the community.
  • Donations are NOT used for loadouts or pay2play. No player gets any advantage by donating...period.
  • Donations are completely voluntary by members or non-members.
  • Donations are NOT tax deductible...sorry
  • Unless otherwise specified, donations are used exclusively to operate The Misfits community or it's servers.
  • Contact-Discord

    Feel free to contact us anytime